Five stages of our typical project:

Appointment Setting Differentiators: #1
Communiqué Build - A proven methodology consistently applied:
We work closely with each of our appointment setting clients to develop communiqués containing powerful value propositions and our call to action – an appointment.

Our communiqués are written in the Executive’s language and compels them to want an appointment with our Clients. We use our proprietary methodology to develop these communiqués which consistently produce results.

Our clients value our expertise writing to executives. Our approach isn’t what you’d expect. It’s different, yet proven over all our successful projects. Our clients also value the ability to control the message to executives. They know that our target executives never speak directly to our team.

Appointment Setting Differentiators: #2
Custom Database Build - “Ready-Aim-Fire” instead of
We build our target database from scratch for every project. We don’t purchase lists - We don’t trust them. Our clients receive all the contact data we produce.

We take the time and effort to identify the right executives to target.

Our Clients value our approach because they don’t have to do the legwork to find the right executives. They also receive all contact information we produce in a project. We believe that it is theirs to use in future marketing campaigns.

Appointment Setting Differentiators: #3
Permission Calls - We turn Gatekeepers into Guides:
We always ask Executive Assistants permission to start dialogs – Always. Our approach is all about respecting the EA and their executive.

The respect we give EAs throughout the process establishes a positive relationship and earns us the right to have them become our “Champions.”

Our Clients value the effectiveness of our process. They value the positive first impressions we make on their behalf.

Appointment Setting Differentiators: #4
With our Executive Assistant relationships in place, we work with each professionally, respectfully, patiently, yet tenaciously. Now “Trusted Insiders” present our communiqués to the right executives for serious consideration.

They always feel like they are in control. The respect we give EAs and their executives differentiates us from all the others. We initiate new dialogs with all referrals we identify.

Patience pays off with results. Over 80% of our communiqués are seriously considered by our target executives.

Our Clients value our professionalism, the containment of their brand image and ultimately the results we produce. They value the positive, professional impression with executives.

Appointment Setting Differentiators: #5
The first person the Executive speaks directly to in this whole process is you when you execute the appointment. Not us. You make the first impression. You get to position your value proposition properly. You handle objections. Not Corner Office Leads.

We work strictly with the Executive Assistant to set the appointment. Not the Executive. We present ourselves as your Executive Assistant.

You enter the appointment as a business peer not as a potential vendor.

Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"Corner Office was flexible when we were establishing the qualification and communication processes, which gave Knoa the results of an in-house organization, but with a much faster time to market, and a lower cost per opportunity."

- Lori Wizdo
  Vice President Marketing
  Knoa Software
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The following is an example of the timeline for a typical Corner Office Leads appointment setting project:

Typical Project Timeline