We are an appointment setting service targeting high level executives.

This is different. We execute a proprietary methodology. We are not selling our rolodex, we are not a sweatshop, nor are we offering the services of a few good sales people.

We typically convert up to 18% or more of our targets to appointments. Three recent projects each produced over 25% conversion rates.

More about our Appointment Setting Results

We deliver:

  • Appointments with the executives you want to talk to.
  • Contact data including all new referrals we identify through the process.
  • Account level G2. Timely and accurate account level G2.
  • Seriously considered impressions, with the right executives, of your value proposition and your logo.

Our methodology allows us to deliver consistently strong results which can be applied to your markets and scaled to your needs.

Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"Cyence identified two prospects through Corner Office’s efforts in the pilot alone. They exceeded our expectations."

- Mark Schumann
  EVP, Sales & Marketing
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