The proof is in our results

Impact to Revenue – The Proof is in our Testimonials and Case Studies:

We made Knoa’s Q1 number with the shortest unbudgeted sales cycle that Knoa’s VP of Marketing has ever seen. At PolarLake, 38% of our meetings turned into pipeline opportunities. At XDS: 26%. At Eontec, we added $27M to their pipeline – they were subsequently purchased by Siebel.

Typical Results – We deliver up to 18%, and sometimes higher, meeting rates:

We typically convert up to 18%, or more of our targets to appointments. Three recent projects each produced over 25%, conversion rates.

Reputation – 65% of our Clients are References:

65% of all our clients are references. 58% of all our clients came to us by word of mouth.

Quality – 69% of our Appointments are at the Executive Level:

69% of all the meetings Corner Office has scheduled for clients have been with SVPs, EVPs, and C-Levels. At Evident Software, 75% of all our meetings, over 2 ˝ years, were with VPs and higher. At a Jack Henry division, 95% of our appointments were with the CEO or CFO.

Quantity – We penetrate up to 60% of your Targets:

We penetrate between 25% and 60% of the companies our clients ask us to target. DWL met with 52% of the companies targeted. Eontec - 48%, Siebel - 65%, Econiq – 36%.

Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"Corner Office’s process of working with the executive assistant is brilliant. It gets the result without any risk of incorrectly positioning the company/product to the prospect. I shudder to think how much damage can be done by someone untrained in the nuances of the positioning when talking to a savvy prospect."

- Lori Wizdo
  Vice President Marketing
  Knoa Software
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