Our Role: Facilitate, not communicate. We turn Gatekeepers into Guides.

We don’t attempt to be your spokespeople. We don’t speak to executives directly. We facilitate meetings by focusing strictly on EAs and turn 80% of Gate Keepers into Guides.

Our value is that our clients do not fear a third party positioning their complex value prop – because we do not. We never risk bad first impressions and our clients do not need to train calling teams. Our clients compare our value to the cost in damage to their brand of third parties taking communicating roles.

We don’t require our clients to train and retrain our callers. Because of our methodology, because we never speak to executives, our callers don’t need to be educated in your business.

"Corner Office’s process of working with the executive assistant is brilliant. It gets the result without any risk of incorrectly positioning the company/product to the prospect. I shudder to think how much damage can be done by someone untrained in the nuances of the positioning when talking to a savvy prospect."

- Lori Wizdo
  Vice President Marketing
  Knoa Software
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Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"Corner Office delivered the quality appointments with our target audience that they said they would. This project would have been very difficult to do on our own."

- Matt Kane
  SVP of Sales & Marketing, Quickcomm
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