Our Methodology: Permission-based

We request two levels of permission from our targets. First, we ask permission of Executive Assistants to enter into a dialog and to become our inside “Champion”. Second, we ask the executive permission to have the meeting.

We only target executives senior enough to have their own EAs and we ask the EA directly for permission to enter a dialog. Our methodology essentially follows these steps:

  • Identify the right executives and their Admins
  • Get the EA’s permission to begin a dialog with them, not with their executives
  • Gain the EA’s agreement to champion our call to action
  • Ensure that the EAs, the trusted insiders, present our call to action to their executives
  • Follow-up with the EAs, respectfully and professionally, yet tenaciously

Our value is in the quality and the quantity of genuine dialogs we produce. Our clients compare our value to the low returns and high gross costs of "traditional" leadgen methods.

Here is what one EA said of our approach. Lynne Chouiniere, EA to Evident Software’s CEO, experienced the power of our approach first-hand. Evident is one of many sales organizations who became clients because we targeted them in our own leadgen campaigns using the same methodology we offer as a service. We went directly to Lynne and asked permission to enter a dialog with her.

"Their approach was two-toned. They were respectful of me and they presented a message that made a busy executive pay attention.”

- Lynne Chouiniere
  Administrative Assistant to Roger Boyce , CEO, Evident Software
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Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"Steve and his company Corner Office Leads... fostered a new and unique approach to lead generation. [CGI] acquired new leads that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Steve and his team are thought leaders in their industry and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him in the future."

- Mike Monark
  Director of Consulting
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