Our Contact Data: Micro-targeting

High quality contact data forms the foundation of every project. We take the time to identify those senior executives who are meaningful to our clients, in all our projects. Ready-aim-fire not Ready-fire-aim. Up to 70% of our effort on any project is micro-targeting. We develop new databases for each project and do not depend on purchased lists or directories.

Our value is the quality of each and every target. Our clients compare our value to the low returns and high gross costs of "traditional" leadgen methods.

"Corner Office got us talking to the right people at the right time… They have had a major impact on our pipeline.”

- John Randles
  CEO, PolarLake
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Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"[Corner Office Leads] impacted our pipeline. Their depth and experience shows through in the level of service they provide. [Corner Office Leads] are an important part of our overall pipeline management process."

- Colin Piper
  President, North America
  Eontec (acquired by Siebel)
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