Get started with a Corner Office Leads Project

We like to start small with a first project, a pilot project, to prove ourselves. We will deliver up to twenty eight meetings in your pilot.

We need you to:

Appointment Setting Differentiators: #1Provide two hundred organizations which you want us to target.
Two hundred effectively tests our methodology applied to your value proposition and your market(s), and yet is small enough to cost-justify a pilot.
Appointment Setting Differentiators: #2 Provide the type of executives you want us to target.
Most of our clients don’t know the specific name of the executives they want to target. That takes a lot of digging. We do that for you. Give us the titles or, better yet, the responsibilities you are looking for and we will do all the “forensic” research required to target the right executives.
Note that we don’t need you to take the time to train and retrain our team.

Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"SIMtone is the third company I have brought Corner Office into. They understand the art of lead generation. I have never seen results even close to theirs from any other vendor...I can reduce my sales cycles by months because of the meetings Corner Office delivers."

- Frank Cicio
  EVP, SIMtone
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