Seven qualities that make our offering unique

This is different. We are not selling our rolodex, nor are we offering the services of a few good sales people. We offer a methodology that is repeatable and scalable.

Our clients come to us wanting to improve the number of true, quality, Sales Ready Leads.

"We had all the e-things working pretty well" said Lori Wizdo, Vice President of Marketing for New York-based Knoa Software.

"But, page views and click—throughs weren’t generating the quality prospects my sales reps needed. Telemarketing, Whitepaper Syndication, Google Ads don’t do the trick..." said Lori.

"Electronic marketing can’t help you find someone who isn’t looking for you."

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Appointment Setting Client Testimonials
"One of our leads from Corner Office yielded the shortest conversion time for an un-budgeted enterprise software sale I’ve seen in my 28-year career. It was only the first phase of a global deployment, but it was a $500K license deal, and it was the deal that made our quarter."

- Lori Wizdo
  Vice President Marketing
  Knoa Software
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